Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Redesign Your Office for 2021

DigiHaul office fit outWith the roadmap released and as the journey out of lockdown gets underway, many of us will be thinking about getting back into the office after a year working from home. 

Whether your business is planning on heading back to the office full time post-pandemic, or are taking a more flexible approach – now is a good time to think about giving your office a redesign. 

As well as incorporating the necessary COVID safety protocols, there are a number of great office design trends you should consider. 

Take a look at our top ten reasons why you should redesign your office for 2021.

Keep up with technology

We’ve all had to get to grips with more technology since the pandemic began. Zoom meetings and video conferencing have become almost daily occurrences for many of us, and this is unlikely to change even as people return to the office environment.

With this in mind, you should consider incorporating more meeting spaces to your office where virtual catchups can take place. It is likely that your employees will need to conduct regular video conferences with clients and colleagues so it is important to adapt the office to facilitate this.

Allow for flexible working co-working office design and fit out

The pandemic has forced all businesses to experiment with working from home. More than a year on and many companies are considering making a flexible approach permanent. 

If this is something your business will be adopting, then your office is going to require a refresh to reflect this. Flexible working doesn’t just mean working from home, it can also feature flexitime, different working hours to suit personal circumstances and office rotas. 

Whatever approach you’re opting for, your office needs to align with. This could include providing spaces for hot-desking or allocating certain spaces to different departments.  

Focus on sustainability

These days, people are more environmentally conscious than ever before. So it’s a great idea to redesign your office using sustainable materials. Not only will this show your company’s ethical values, but it can create a new sustainable supply chain that can boost your entire offering.    

Create an exciting new environment

It’s unsurprising that many people will be looking forward to returning to the office after a year of getting to grips with working from home. Why not continue this excitement a bit longer by redesigning your office for when they return?how to design an inclusive workplace

As well as curating a COVID-safe space, transforming your office can create a buzz among your workforce as they return increasing productivity and motivation.

Show you care about your staff 

Redesigning your office can be costly. But it’s likely that some costs will be incurred when implementing COVID safety procedures. Investment in your office represents an investment in your staff, which is a great way to increase staff satisfaction and a positive working culture.

Incorporate breakout spaces 

As part of a flexible working approach, breakout spaces are a fantastic way to ease people back into the office. Adding relaxed spaces where employees can socialise, discuss ideas and create a collaborative atmosphere, can help people get back into the swing of things after so long away from the office.  

Focus on your staff’s wellbeing 

As mentioned earlier, staff members are more likely to be productive and motivated if they know you have their best interests at heart. You can demonstrate you have employee wellbeing in your mind by implementing design elements that reflect this.DigiHaul office fit out

This includes more access to natural light, better air ventilation and appropriate temperature regulation. 

Enhance the company’s culture 

After a year away from the office, it is inevitable that company culture may have slightly faded. Employees have spent so long away from one another that the community aspect of your business may have been lost. 

A redesign of your office can help re-instil this culture and sense of togetherness. This can be done by creating open, social spaces where staff members can interact, network and reintroduce themselves to one another. 

Maximise space in your office 

Office spaces will undoubtedly need to evolve to comply with COVID guidelines. With social distancing needing to be in place, and the number of people in the office set to be reduced, an office redesign can help you to maximise your space. 

A well thought out office design can help you both make the most of the existing space while cutting operational costs.

Entice future workers 

As the gig economy rises, competition for staff has also increased. Future workers, particularly those from Generation Z, are expected to demand more from their employers- including a flexible yet interactive workplace.

Redesigning your office can help demonstrate that you can provide this perk, modernising your space and enticing the future workforce.

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