Office Design Trends That Are Future Proof

Given how often fads come and go, trying to keep up with the latest design trends might seem like aoffice design trends
daunting task. This doesn’t mean that you should ignore trends altogether though, you just need to be a little more selective about the ones you incorporate into your office design.

To help you with this, we’ve put together a list of future-proof office trends that are worth the investment.

Flexible working spaces

One of greatest office design trend debates of past decade: open plan vs closed plan office spaces. For a while, it seemed as though open plan was winning, but then a lot of research and even more experience threw all of that into doubt. These days, most office design experts agree that there are pros and cons to both types of office design layouts, and the perfect office space would be able to accommodate elements of both.

So, if you want to future proof your office, that’s exactly what you should do – create a flexible working space that includes both open collaborative areas and closed working stations. This way, the needs of all of your employees will be accounted for, and you will be able to weather the storm of any passing trend.

Biophilic office design

office design trends - green wall

Biophilic design is all about getting office workers in touch with nature. Whether it’s through the placement of plants throughout the office, the use of natural materials such as wood, or maximising the flow of natural light into a space, biophilic design can take many forms. 

But why is biophilic design future proof? Well, studies suggest that workers who spend time in environments with natural elements report higher levels of creativity, concentration and general wellbeing – 13% higher, to be exact. So, you can bet that, as we move through the 20s and more companies begin to catch on, biophilic elements will become an office design staple.

Investing in smart technology

It can be difficult to keep pace with technology, but ignoring it and falling behind will only cause more issues in the long run. That’s why we would suggest incorporating elements of smart technology into your office design today, not tomorrow.

For example, why not look into some new room-booking tech? Installing tablets outside each bookable room allowsoffice design trends - keeping up with technology
employees to set up meetings seamlessly and avoid awkward double bookings. With this technology installed,
employees can even book a room through their smartphone, further simplifying the process.

Room for change and growth

Trends aside, the most important thing you can do to future proof your office is consider its adaptability and
scalability. Think to yourself: if my business grows, can I accommodate new staff? Or: if X happens, will my
office space be able to adapt to it?

If you properly scope out your office and prepare for as many eventualities as possible, your office,
and of course your company, will be more than prepared for what the future holds.

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