How to maximise the ROI of your office space

Refreshing your office will not only lift the whole space into the modern day – it will also boost business revenue potential and make a great return on investment. 

If your office is looking a little dated, you might already have been dreaming of a makeover.  But your business mind may also be wondering, is a new fit out really a priority? A misconception could be that an office refurbishment might be an indulgence with no real value. This couldn’t be more wrong. 

In this article, we guide you through understanding the ROI of an office fit out and how it will help your business reach its full potential. 

How can an office fit out bring a return on investment? 

Employee wellbeing & productivity

Reviving your office design can revive office culture. We spend a large chunk of our time at work and most employees expect the workplace to be a comfortable place that’s conducive to wellbeing, collaboration and productivity. Lighting, temperature, layout, decoration, and mod cons can all contribute to this, as well as reducing staff absenteeism. 

A new office design can really work in your favour, as it allows you a blank slate to carve out areas and creature features that can nurture productivity and wellbeing. Perhaps a beanbag chillout area to give staff a place for a breather? Or perhaps more collaborative meeting zones are needed to get ideas flowing? Or maybe a small gym facility to encourage physical exercise? 

Letting the office ‘breathe’ with modern, spacious design, good lighting, great ventilation and temperature control, along with a few touches of greenery can all work together to create a comfortable, modern working environment that cultivates productivity and positive mindsets. 

Keeping the employees you have

Let’s face it, recruitment can be expensive. Not only this, the worth and expertise that existing employees bring is a valuable asset to your company. That’s why it’s important to give them as many reasons to stay as possible – and their working environment can have a big impact on this endeavour. If their workspace is not meeting the practical, modern needs of your employees, they may not be inspired to stick around. Some studies suggest that how well employees relate to their environment will affect their efficiency, error rate and how long they remain in a job. One particular study by Sapio Research found that 48% of participants cited office design as a big reason they stay or leave a job – showing a clear link between office design and employee retention. 

Getting new talent on board 

The look and feel of a workplace also impacts getting new talent on board in the first place. Candidates are not only looking to impress you; as a business, you should be looking to impress candidates. First impressions count, and potential employees have to imagine a happy, productive future at your workplace. The image you convey through design, modern technology and comfortable spaces is a chance to show off the company’s character to candidates and entice them in. 

One study revealed that around 40% of potential employees consider modern office design influences their decision to accept a role. Of course, this will depend on the type of business. A younger or more creative company may opt for more socialising areas, bold colour schemes and a focus on collaboration. Other types of companies may find that a classic, traditional office layout will be better for attracting newcomers. 

Maximising space 

When exploring options for a new office layout, you may realise you’ve been under-utilising office space – space management tools and software can also help with this, or you can get advice from the professionals delivering your fit out. Think about it: not all employees are in the office at all times due to part-time working, and therefore this extra space or empty desks could be redesigned to fulfil another purpose. You may also notice that other areas of the office are rarely used or appreciated and could be transformed into something more worthwhile. 

Consider what could add value to your office space. Maybe a new kitchen? Or a guest welcome area? Or perhaps a creative kickback zone? Whatever you think will be the best use of space to benefit employees and visitors is worth exploring. 

Saving on operational costs 

A new office design is the perfect chance to review expenses and develop a more cost-effective future for your workspace. It’s also a chance to opt for more eco-friendly, sustainable routes that could save on energy bills in the long-term. This could include choosing low-energy monitors, timed lighting, and investigating sustainable material choices. While these may cost more upfront, the long-term savings will benefit not only your ROI, but also the environment. 

Ashlar is all about innovative spaces, made for you. An office fit-out isn’t just a facelift, it’s a change to revive office culture and streamline operations. Our talented team are with you every step of the way, from initial designs all the way to the fit-out project itself, all the time working in a way that suits you and minimises disruption. We’re excited to hear your concepts – simply get in touch today, and let’s get talking. 

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Our team of construction professionals will bring your designs to life with precision and accuracy. No two projects are the same and all our projects are completed to the highest standards, with minimum of disruption to your business.

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