How to Design an Inclusive Workplace

how to design an inclusive workplaceEveryone should feel comfortable and productive at work. That’s why designing an inclusive workplace is a key consideration of any office redesign or

Why is inclusive office design important?

The working world is a diverse, dynamic place which needs to incorporate the needs of lots of different people with varying requirements and expectations. This creates a happy, motivated and inclusive office where everybody can feel welcome and supported. It’s also important for recruitment, as applicants need to see clearly that an office space has been designed to include and inspire them. 

Let’s take a closer look at how you can do this. 

How to design an inclusive office or workplace

Agile Offices

Flexible working is a buzzword at the moment. Versatile working hours and locations are elements that many applicants, particularly of the younger generations, are searching for from their employers. how to design an inclusive workplace

An agile workplace is one which is designed to give employees buckets of choice with regards to where they work, when they work and how they work. This could mean creating a space that enables hotdesking. It might also mean offering a variety of seated and standing desks, or making sure you offer up different types of spaces, such as open-plan areas, private rooms or breakout zones, to suit different working styles. This adaptability can support mental health, childcare considerations and also enhance productivity and creativity.

Atmosphere is everything

The atmosphere of your office is more important than you think. With such a huge proportion of our lives spent at the grindstone, it’s imperative that a workplace is actually somewhere people want to be – rather than just because they have to. Noise levels, adequate lighting, temperature and air quality can all have a hefty impact on the comfort, physical health and mental wellbeing of workers. 

Every workplace is different, so make sure you have solutions balanced across your staff and their needs. For example, consider lighting and blinds placement to ensure all areas are well-lit but without the glare. Install a thermostat to ensure a temperature that’s neither too hot nor too cold. You may wish to put up partitions to create separate rooms to keep noisier departments (i.e. customer support) away from the rest of the staff. And there’s lots of research that points towards plantlife and greenery helping to boost air quality and mental health of employees. how to design an inclusive workplace

Consider those with mobility issues

This may seem like an obvious point, but this doesn’t just mean installing a lift or a ramp. Consider every aspect of your design to see if there are any boundaries to somebody who may be less able-bodied. This may mean widening doorways and walkways to allow enough space for a wheelchair, or opting for desks and furniture with adjustable heights. 

Easy-to-navigate layout

A busy, unclear office layout isn’t user-friendly for anybody – let alone people with hearing and sight impairments. Make sure your office has space to breathe and that it’s designed in a way that’s easy and safe to navigate for anybody with sensory disabilities. Ensure your office design includes enough storage, too, as a cluttered office poses an obstruction for employees – not to mention a fire hazard. 

Make space for fun

Our lives are a balance of work and play – and so should the office be. Make sure you complement the workstations with enough space for employees to kick back and relax, such as canteenhow to design an inclusive workplace areas, beanbag chill areas or a games room. Giving your workforce dedicated zones to relax and refresh conveys a very clear message – you value their peace of mind and promote an atmosphere of friendliness and fun. You’ll find that giving employees this space to breathe can help boost mood and productivity, too.  

Up your furniture game

Every person’s work station has that Goldilocks sweet spot that feels just right. However, this tends to be different for everyone. To get round this, make sure your furniture and equipment is as ergonomic and adjustable as possible. You may also want to offer a variety of chair and desk options, including standing desks. Some pregnant women may even prefer to sit on a yoga ball for comfort! It just depends on the person, so building in this flexible capability early on will enable you to give employees what they need in the future so they can work in total ease. 

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